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Green House

Green House Construction:Related aspects

* Accurate temperature control in the Green house is of great importance because the desired, best growth of plants occur within a limited temperature range.

* Thermometers must be located in the Green house at plant level, and in sufficient number so that they reflect accurately the temperature for the entire house.

* A suitable method of mounting thermometer is to attach them to a wooden board and orient them so that the thermometer is facing north.

* Ventilation & air movement equipment – V Sash located jsut below the eave of side wall

* Green house need constant Air motion, Air circulation occurred in Green house in the past only if there was a temperature differential

* CO2 in the Green house atmosphere is required for the promotion in growth and development of plants. Various mean have been used, but the most common method is by combustion of gas or oil in burners spaced throughout the Green house. These units are called CO2 generators.

* Green house benches, pot – plants

* Green house walk

* Arrangement and placement of heating line

* Providing steam for treatment of soil and equipment.

* Lowerdown temperture in Green house.

* Design of fan and pad cooling system.

* Equipment for the control of light.

* Fluorescent light

* High Intensity discharge lamp.

* Reduce moisture in the Green house. Through irrigation equipment (Cut – flower irrigation).

Types of Green Houses

The trasnparent covering are as varied as the design. Originally glass was used, but now film plastics, Fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP) Acrylic panels and polycarbonate peneb are used.

High profile Green house are available with special sash bars that hold two or even three layer of glass which produce one or two dead air spaces to cut heat loss.

Film plastic Green house : Requires

* Polyvinyl fluoride (PVF)

* Quon set style Green house

* Gutter connected Green hunk

* Green house with double and triple layer curving.

* Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Rigid-panel Green house

* Role fiber glass – reinforced plastic (FRP) can also be used for Green house.

* Green House heating –A hot air oven

* Horizantal or vertical auto clave.

Horizontal air flow system : Requires

Green house climate sensing and control

Temperature sensors (Thermo slats and thermistors) control cooling and heating system in Green house

Green house summer cooling system

Fan and pad system-placement of pads, fans.

Size and number of exhaust fan. (30 Pa).