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Library Collection

The Library collection located at G.B.C.C. research head quarter is a natural complement to the adjacent Herbarium and Living collections, extending the available sources of information to the collective knowledge of generations, contained in books, as well as unpublished documents, and illustrations. This is one of the most comprehensive Library collection relating to botany, environment, basic science in the region.

In addition to original art, there is a significant collections of slides and photographic prints with images of angiospermic plants. The Library has about 5000 books, 100 Journals & 50 Reprints mainly on floristics & taxonomy & also ecology, Herb, Gardening, Environmental science & other discipline of Botany.

The Library subscribes 5 foreign & 10 Indian journals.

Data Basics

Maintaining computerized record of G.B.C.C. Living collections, Herbarium and Library collections is essential to the effective and usefulness of the collection.

This require specialized data bases. Each ‘item’ in the collection, be it a plant a voucher, or a book, is assigned a unique number and all relevant data is recorded. In order to fascilitate access by staff, visiting research, scholars and students to all the available information about a particular species, we are planning to create in interface between the separate electronic records for each of collections. As it most basic, such a network will help staff and others track, for example, The exact location of where a particular plant is growing in the Living collections, whether our Herbarium collection contains a voucher, and what literature on the particular species is in our research Library.

Once this interface is completed, the next step will be to make more of this information available on the G.B.C.C. website.

Available now

* Search the Herbarium data base
* Search the Library catalogue