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Biodiversity Conservation Living Collections

The Biodiversity conservation programme at G.B.C.C. is focused on protecting and conserving flora and fauna of bundelkhand region of U.P., India. Scientists now believed that more than 1/3 of all plants of this region are threatened with extinction. To address this problem a number of organization are working together to identify the global hot spots of extinction and have implement programme to protect there valuable plants before they are lost forever.

The causes of the decline of endemic plant species is destruction of their habitat and the introduction of alien invasive species by human beings. Protecting Ethnobotanical plants and endemic plants call for very different strategies, they require a throrough understanding that can only be achieve through in depth survey. Once identified and collected, the plants can be grown in exsitu collections.

The living collection are at the very core of the G.B.C.C. mission. The emphasis is on wild collected specimens, particular those endemic to Bundelkhand region U.P. Centre serves as an excellent resource for restoration of ecology. Collection in the centre also include plants recognized for their ethonobotanical value by the ancient Bundelkhands people.