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Tissue Culture Laboratory

It is completed in 2011. Notable progress has been possible through the technique of ‘invitro culture’ in which isolated plant cells, tissues, organ, or even whole plants are grown in nutrient medium in glass containers (tubes) under aseptic condition.

The well equipped laboratory has

GLC, HPLC, Densitometer with scanner recorder, freezer, dryer, plant growth Chamber, karyotype analyzer, H.P.T.L.C., P.C.R. Machine, L.C. M.S., G.C. M.S., U.V. Spectro photometer

a. Horizontal Laminar flow : b.Vertical .

B.O.D. Humidifier Hot air oven
Incubator Electric hot air oven culture chamber
Mineral purifier Digital pH meter Naocl
Max. min. Thermometer Autoclave H2O2
Chemicals for culture Low speed centrifuge AgNo3
Hot plates, pan balance Double distilled water-Equipment Mgcl2

The technique of tissue culture has developed around the concept that a cell is totipotent, that is has the capacity and ability to develops in to whole organism.

Plant Tissue Culture Methodoloyg

The setting of a tissue culture laboratory need proper planning. It depend upon space availability, volume of work to be carriedout and funds. Usually the available laboratory space is be divided into five distinct laboratory areas. These are

1. Media preparation room
2. Aseptic transfer chamber
3. Environmentally controlled culture room
4. Analytical room
5. Acclimatization room