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Having an area of 5 hectares, Garden is maintained in same compound .

The garden has the collection of 1000 species of Herbs, Shrubs & Trees. It has been divided in 9 distinct sections. Encompass varied ecosystem and environmental conditions, which permit the cultivation and preservation of a broad range of plants this garden is located in arid zone of Bundelkhand region of U.P., India at Mohalla Miyanpura, Rath, Hamirpur, U.P. India. While others can grow plant only in green houses under glass, G.B.C.C. , U.K. Garden and preserves offered a natural open air environmental in which the plant species flourish other then green houses. The U.K. Garden is a living laboratory for scientist who strive to better understand the evolution, structure, relationship and qualities of these species. The garden is a class room where students of all ages can learn about environmental s towardship and horticultural practices and discover that, science can be fun.

This is museum of history and culture where modern and traditional knowledge and practices meet, and where the story of the imprint of time on the land and the people is said.


No. of plants material Quality parameter Quality of plant
Maintained-1000 Identify-1000 seed product
Common name
Botanical Name

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Having an area of 5 hectares, it is maintained in the same compound. The garden has the collection of 1000 species of herbs, shrubs trees, which come under Ornamental, rosary, aqualatic, medicinal, arboretumcum miniforest, experimental propagation, conservation of rare, endangered and medicinal plants and germplasm section

It has been divided in distinct section wise

1 - Medicinal plants

2 - Oil yielding plants

3 - Timber yielding plants

4 - Dye & tannin yielding plants

5 - Beverages yielding plants

6 - Spice & condiments yielding plants

7 - Fodder yielding plants

8 - Fibre yielding plants

9 - Wild edible fruits


Exhibit and Presentation

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